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Business Guidance Library

CPSC often develops business guidance pages to provide stakeholders with more information on certain topics or product areas. Below is a table that lists the business guidance pages available for various products or topics as well as links to the most pertinent regulation if applicable.

Product or TopicRegulationFAQs
Adult Portable Bed Rails16 CFR part 1270FAQ
All-terrain Vehicles (ATV)16 CFR part 1420FAQ
Art Materials16 CFR § 1500.14(b)(8)FAQ
Asbestos16 CFR parts 1304 & 1305 
Automatic Residential Garage Door Opener16 CFR part 1211FAQ
Baby Changing Products16 CFR part 1235FAQ
Bassinets and Cradles16 CFR part 1218FAQ
Bedside Sleepers16 CFR part 1222FAQ
Bicycle Helmets16 CFR part 1203FAQ
Bicycles16 CFR part 1512FAQ
Booster Seats16 CFR part 1237FAQ
Bunk Beds16 CFR parts 12131513FAQ
Button Cell or Coin BatteryP.L. 117-171
16 CFR part 1263
Carpets and Rugs16 CFR parts 16301631FAQ
Carriages and Strollers16 CFR part 1227FAQ
Children’s Folding Chairs and Stools16 CFR part 1232FAQ
Children’s Product Certificate (CPC)16 CFR part 1110FAQ
Children’s Sleepwear16 CFR parts 16151616FAQ
Children’s Toys16 CFR part 1250FAQ
Children's Product FAQ
Clothing and General Wearing Apparel16 CFR part 1610FAQ
Clothing Storage Unit16 CFR part 1261FAQ
Crib Bumpers16 CFR part 1309FAQ
Crib Mattresses16 CFR part 1241 
Drawstrings in Children’s Upper Outerwear16 CFR § 1120.3(b)FAQ
Drywall15 U.S.C. § 2056cFAQ
Durable infant or Toddler Products16 CFR part 1130FAQ
Extension Cords16 CFR § 1120.3(d)FAQ
Fidget Spinner FAQ
Fireworks16 CFR §§ 1500.17(a)(3), (8), (9), (11)
16 CFR part 1507
Flame Retardants  
Frame Child Carriers16 CFR part 1230FAQ
Full-size Cribs16 CFR part 1219FAQ
Gates and Enclosures16 CFR part 1239FAQ
General Certificate of Conformity (GCC)16 CFR part 1110FAQ
Hand-held Infant Carriers16 CFR part 1225FAQ
Hand-supported Hair Dryers16 CFR § 1120.3(a)FAQ
Hazardous Substances Labeling (FHSA)16 CFR § 1500.3(b)(14)FAQ
Highchairs16 CFR part 1231FAQ
Hoverboards FAQ
Inclined sleepers16 CFR part 1310FAQ
Infant Bath Seats16 CFR part 1215FAQ
Infant Bathtubs16 CFR part 1234FAQ
Infant Bouncer Seats16 CFR part 1229FAQ
Infant Sleep Products16 CFR part 1236FAQ
Infant Swings16 CFR part 1223FAQ
Infant Walkers16 CFR part 1216FAQ
Lead in Paints and Similar Surface Coatings16 CFR part 1303FAQ
Lead in Substrate for Children’s Products15 U.S.C. § 1278aFAQ
Lighters (Cigarette and Multipurpose)16 CFR parts 1210 & 1212FAQ
Liquid Nicotine Packaging (CNPPA)15 U.S.C. § 1472aFAQ
Magnets16 CFR part 1262FAQ
Mattresses, Mattress Pads, and Mattress Sets16 CFR parts 1632 & 1633FAQ
Non-full-size Cribs16 CFR part 1220FAQ
Pacifiers16 CFR part 1511FAQ
Phthalates16 CFR part 1307FAQ
Play Yards16 CFR part 1221FAQ
Portable Bedrails16 CFR part 1224FAQ
Portable Fuel Container16 CFR parts 1460 & 1461FAQ
Portable Hook-on Chairs16 CFR part 1233FAQ
Product Registration Cards16 CFR part 1130FAQ
Promotional Products FAQ
Rattles16 CFR part 1510FAQ
Reseller/Thrift Store Guidance FAQ
Retailer Guidance FAQ
Safe Sleep for Babies Act15 U.S.C. §§ 2057d & 2057e 
Seasonal and Decorative Lighting Products16 CFR § 1120.3(c)FAQ
Sling Carriers16 CFR part 1228FAQ
Small Batch Manufacturers15 U.S.C. § 2063(d)(4)FAQ
Small Parts and Choking Hazard Labeling16 CFR §§ 1500.1920
16 CFR part 1501
Soap FAQ
Soft Infant and toddler Carriers16 CFR part 1226FAQ
Special Packaging (PPPA)16 CFR Subchapter EFAQ
Stationary Activity Centers16 CFR part 1238FAQ
Third-party Testing16 CFR part 1107FAQ
Toddler Beds16 CFR part 1217FAQ
Toy, Look-Alike, and Imitation Firearms16 CFR part 1272FAQ
Tracking Labels15 U.S.C. § 2063(a)(5)FAQ
Upholstered Furniture16 CFR part 1640FAQ
Window Coverings 15(j) Rule16 CFR §§ 1120.3(e) & (f)FAQ


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