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Registration Forms Business Guidance

In order to improve the effectiveness and response rates for recalls, durable infant or toddler products must have a registration form (also known as registration card) permanently attached to the product. These forms must:

  • Have 2 sections with dimensions at least the size of a standard post card (3½ inches high by 5 inches wide by 0.007 inches thick) and separated by perforation so that a consumer can mail the bottom half
  • Comply with text (English) and formatting requirements (see figures below for an example)
  • Include an option for electronic registration (website or email)

The following is an example of a registration card:

Registration Form Front Registration Form Back

In addition to providing the registration forms, firms must also have an option for consumers to register via a website. A hyperlink must be placed on the firm’s main website that leads the consumer to a dedicated page used only for the purpose of product registration. Firms who lack a website must allow for registration via email. See 16 CFR § 1130.7 for specifics on the website or email registration.

Additional Information


For more information, please contact the Small Business Ombudsman (SBO) team:

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