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Safer Products Start Here!

Are you looking for product safety information about COVID-19 related products? Please see the CPSC’s COVID-19 Related Products Business Guidance page.

Welcome to CPSC’s Regulatory Robot!  

Are you a small business starting out and manufacturing a product for children or other consumers?  You may be wondering which federal product safety requirements, like CPSIA, apply to your product.  We're here to help steer you in the right direction. 

We've designed our Regulatory Robot to guide you through our requirements to identify important product safety requirements that you should review before manufacturing or importing your consumer product.  As most products are unique, each product may need to comply with different requirements so you'll need to run the Robot one time for each product.  The Regulatory Robot asks you a series of simple questions to provide you with the basic guidance you need to move forward with your design and manufacturing process.  Product safety and compliance are serious stuff, and we hope that the Regulatory Robot is the beginning of your journey to manufacture products that are safe and compliant for American consumers.

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