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Rules Requiring Third-Party Testing and a Children's Product Certificate

Below is a list of children’s product safety rules that require third-party testing as well as the legal citation to be used on a Children’s Product Certificate (CPC). Links under “Product or Issue Category” will take you to the respective CPSC business guidance page, and links under “Legal Citation” will take you to the actual text for the citation.

Third party testing is required to support a certification of compliance to the rules (shown below) for children's products. The laboratories in this list have been accepted as accredited to test products to one or more of these children’s product safety rules, as identified in the accreditation scope for each laboratory.

Qualifying and registered small batch manufacturers (SBM) may be able to receive relief from third party testing to certain safety rules (Group B requirements); registered SBMs may certify to Group B requirements via means other than testing by third-party, CPSC-accepted laboratories. For more information, visit our Small Batch Manufacturer business guidance page.

Note: CPSC periodically updates existing mandatory rules, or publishes new mandatory rules, resulting in new requirements being added. This list is complete as of September 21, 2023. An up-to-date list for rules requiring third-party testing is codified at 16 CFR § 1112.15.

Product or Issue Category Legal Citation
All-terrain vehicles 16 CFR part 1420
Baby changing products 16 CFR part 1235
Bassinets and cradles 16 CFR part 1218
Bedside sleepers 16 CFR part 1222
Bicycle helmets 16 CFR part 1203
Bicycles 16 CFR part 1512
Booster seats 16 CFR part 1237
Bunk beds (for children) 16 CFR part 1513
Button cell or coin battery P.L. 117-171 (codified at 15 U.S.C. § 2056e Notes)
16 CFR part 1263
Carpets and rugs 16 CFR part 1630
Carriages and strollers 16 CFR part 1227
Children’s folding chairs and stools 16 CFR part 1232
Children’s sleepwear: sizes 0 through 6X (FF 3-71) 16 CFR part 1615
Children’s sleepwear: sizes 7 through 14 (FF 5-74) 16 CFR part 1616
Children’s toys 2 16 CFR part 1250
Clacker balls 16 CFR § 1500.86(a)(5)
Clothing and general wearing apparel 16 CFR part 1610
Clothing storage units 16 CFR part 1261
Crib mattresses 16 CFR part 1241
Dive sticks and other similar articles 16 CFR § 1500.86(a)(7) or (8)
Electrically operated toys or articles 16 CFR part 1505
Frame child carriers 16 CFR part 1230
Full-size cribs 16 CFR part 1219
Gates and enclosures 16 CFR part 1239
Hand-held infant carriers 16 CFR part 1225
High chairs 16 CFR part 1231
Infant bath seats 16 CFR part 1215
Infant bath tubs 16 CFR part 1234
Infant bouncer seats 16 CFR part 1229
Infant sleep products 16 CFR part 1236
Infant swings 16 CFR part 1223
Infant walkers 16 CFR part 1216
Magnets 16 CFR part 1262
Mattresses and mattress pads 16 CFR part 1632
Mattresses and mattress sets 16 CFR part 1633
Non-full-size cribs 16 CFR part 1220
Pacifiers 16 CFR part 1511
Paints and similar surface coatings containing lead 1 16 CFR part 1303
Phthalates 1 16 CFR part 1307
Play yards 16 CFR part 1221
Portable bedrails 16 CFR part 1224
Portable hook-on chairs 16 CFR part 1233
Rattles 16 CFR part 1510
Sling carriers 16 CFR part 1228
Small carpets and rugs 16 CFR part 1631
Small parts 16 CFR part 1501
Soft infant and toddler carriers 16 CFR part 1226
Stationary activity centers 16 CFR part 1238
Toddler beds 16 CFR part 1217
Total lead content 1 15 U.S.C. § 1278a
Toy, look-alike, and imitation firearms 3 16 CFR part 1272
Vinyl plastic film 16 CFR part 1611

1 Click here for CPSC’s chemical testing methods.

2 The CPC should also include the individual sections of the currently accepted version of ASTM F963 applicable to the product and not simply cite 16 CFR part 1250. See this chart for a list of ASTM sections that require third-party testing.

3 GCC Temporary Enforcement Discretion: The CPSC Office of Compliance and Field Operations will exercise enforcement discretion and will not pursue enforcement action against manufacturers, importers, or private labelers of look-alike and imitation firearms for failure to certify or to issue, provide, or make available to the Commission a GCC pursuant to Section 14(a)(1) of the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA), 15 U.S.C. § 2063(a)(1). This enforcement discretion will remain in effect until January 1, 2024. This discretion does not impact any other requirements under the law. Please read the entire GCC enforcement discretion letter for more information.

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