January 5, 2007
Alert #07-516


Samara Brothers Recalls Children's Two-Piece Overall Sets, Snaps Contain Lead

 The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.

Name of Product: Starting Out Shirt and Overalls

Units: About 200

Manufacturer: Samara Brothers LLC, of New York, N.Y.

Hazard: The coatings on the snaps in the overalls and shirt contain excessive amounts of lead, posing a serious risk of lead poisoning and adverse health effects to young children.

Incidents/Injuries: No incidents or injuries have been reported.

Description: This recall involves two styles of children's overall sets. One set is a red plaid denim overall with a white shirt trimmed in red, sold in sizes 12 through 24 months. The other set is a navy blue corduroy overall with a white shirt trimmed in green, sold in sizes 3 through 9 months. Both styles have decorative train appliqués on the front of the overalls. The collar tag of the overalls reads, "Starting Out."

Sold Exclusively at: Dillard's nationwide during October 2006 for about $20 for the red overalls set and about $25 for the blue corduroy set.

Remedy: Consumers should stop using the products immediately and contact Samara to obtain a full refund.

Manufactured in: China

Consumer Contact: For additional information, please contact Samara Brothers at (800) 985-9975 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's Web site at www.samararecall.com, or e-mail the firm at info@samararecall.com


Picture of Recalled Children's Two-Piece Overall Set