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Gerico Baby Back Carriers Recalled Because of Potential Hinge Safety Problem

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Recall Date:
July 13, 1982

Recall Details

Release # 82-031  

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Gerico, Inc., Denver, Colorado, had announced a voluntary repair program affecting approximately 238,000 "Gerry Carrier" and "Pak-A-Poose" baby back carriers. The carriers were manufactured between March 1979 and February 1981 and were being repaired because of a potential infant finger entrapment in the hinge mechanism on the moveable stand which supports the carrier when it is placed on a surface. The potential for entrapment occurs if the carrier's stand bar is opened while the child is in the carrier on the adult's back and the child's fingers are out of view.

The Commission is aware of at least 23 incidents of finger entrapment resulting in 9 injuries. Injuries have included pinching, lacerations, and partial finger tip severance.

Only carriers manufactured between March 1979 and February 1981 are involved. Carriers manufactured before or after these dates are not subject to the recall since they contain differently designed hinge mechanisms.

The carrier was sold under the "Gerry" brand name by independent and chain retailers nationwide, as well as in U.S. Army and Air Force Exchanges. Retailers included K mart, Best Products, Woolworth, Woolco, Toys "R" Us and Montgomery Ward. The carrier was also sold nationwide under the label "Pak-A-Poose" by Sears, Roebuck and Co. The carriers sold at a price range of approximately $18-$30.

To identify the product, consumers should locate the plastic brace at the bottom of the carrier. The date code of two, three or four digits is imprinted on the lower right inside portion of the brace (when facing the carrier straps). The first number is the last digit of the year the product was made. The following number or numbers on the top and bottom lines indicate what day of the year the item was manufactured (see attached drawing). Products covered by the program fall between 9/64 (the sixty-fourth day of 1979) and l/60 (the sixtieth day of 1981). All carriers with date codes beginning with the digit 0 are affected since they were made in 1980.

Consumers who have these carriers should discard them. Repair parts are no longer available. Consumers who have questions about this recall may contact Evenflo's Parent Link Consumer Resource Center at (800) 233-5921. (Gerico, Inc. is out of business, but the Evenflo Company has now taken over responding to this recall).


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