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SCARPA North America Recalls Ski Boots Due to Fall Hazard

  • Maestrale RS – 12046/501.1	ski boot model
  • Maestrale – 12047/501.1 ski boot
Name of Product:
Maestrale RS and Maestrale Men’s Ski Boots

The ski boot shell can crack, posing a fall hazard and risk of injury to the consumer.  

Recall Date:
November 21, 2019
About 4,200 (in addition, 1,200 were sold in Canada)
Consumer Contact

SCARPA toll-free at 866-998-2895 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. MT Monday through Friday, by email at, or online at and click on “Fall 2017 Maestrale RS and Maestrale Ski Boot Recall” for more information.

Recall Details


This recall involves the Fall 2017 Maestrale RS and Maestrale Men’s Ski Boots. The Maestrale style numbers are #12047/501.1 and can be identified by their orange color, and the “SCARPA” name on lower-outside shell and “Maestrale” model name on upper/outside cuff. The Maestrale RS style numbers are #12046/501.1 and can be identified by their white, black and lime color, and the “SCARPA” name on lower-outside shell and “Maestrale RS” model name on upper/outside cuff.

UPC_EAN Style Number Description VendorSKU Color Size2
666898700837 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-24.5 White/Black/Lime 24.5
666898700844 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-25.0 White/Black/Lime 25
666898700851 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-25.5 White/Black/Lime 25.5
666898700868 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-26.0 White/Black/Lime 26
666898700875 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-26.5 White/Black/Lime 26.5
666898700882 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-27.0 White/Black/Lime 27
666898700899 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-27.5 White/Black/Lime 27.5
666898700905 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-28.0 White/Black/Lime 28
666898700912 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-28.5 White/Black/Lime 28.5
666898700929 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-29.0 White/Black/Lime 29
666898700936 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-29.5 White/Black/Lime 29.5
666898700943 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-30.0 White/Black/Lime 30
666898700950 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-30.5 White/Black/Lime 30.5
666898700967 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-31.0 White/Black/Lime 31
666898700974 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-31.5 White/Black/Lime 31.5
666898700981 12046/501.1 MAESTRALE RS (F17) 12046/501.1-WhtBlkLim-32.0 White/Black/Lime 32
666898700455 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-24.5 Orange 24.5
666898700462 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-25.0 Orange 25
666898700479 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-25.5 Orange 25.5
666898700486 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-26.0 Orange 26
666898700493 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-26.5 Orange 26.5
666898700509 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-27.0 Orange 27
666898700516 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-27.5 Orange 27.5
666898700523 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-28.0 Orange 28
666898700530 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-28.5 Orange 28.5
666898700547 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-29.0 Orange 29
666898700554 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-29.5 Orange 29.5
666898700561 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-30.0 Orange 30
666898700578 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-30.5 Orange 30.5
666898700585 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-31.0 Orange 31
666898700592 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-31.5 Orange 31.5
666898700608 12047/501.1 MAESTRALE (F17) 12047/501.1-Orng-32.0 Orange 32




Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled ski boots and contact SCARPA for instructions on returning the boot to receive a free boot shell repair. SCARPA is contacting all known purchasers directly.   


SCARPA has received 605 reports of boot shells cracking. No injuries have been reported.


Sold At:
Authorized SCARPA dealers and outdoor stores nationwide and online at from August 2017 through August 2019 for $700 for the Maestrale model and $800 for the Maestrale RS model.
Calzaturificio S.C.A.R.P.A. S.P.A., of Italy

SCARPA North America Inc., of Boulder, Colo.

Manufactured In:
Recall number:
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