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Schneider Electric Recalls PowerPact J-Frame Circuit Breakers

  • Schneider PowerPact J-frame molded case lug-style breaker
  • Schneider PowerPact J-frame molded case I-Line style breaker
Name of Product:
Circuit breakers
The circuit breaker will not trip during an overload condition, posing a risk of fire, burns and electrical shock.
Recall Date:
December 18, 2014
About 62,500
Consumer Contact

Schneider Electric USA at (800) 634-8730 any time or online at and click on Customer Notifications for more information.

Recall Details


The recall involves PowerPact J-frame molded case circuit breakers with thermal-magnetic trip units. The circuit breakers are made of black plastic and have a three-position breaker handle that indicates whether the breaker is off, on or tripped. The recalled circuit breakers are rated for 150 to 250 amps, have interruption ratings of D, G, J, L and R. They were manufactured in two pole and three pole configurations with either lug-in/lug-out or plug-in (I-Line) style connectors.


Brand name "Schneider Electric" or "Square D" is on a yellow sticker above the breaker handle and on the top of a label on the side of the circuit breaker. A label on the front of the circuit breaker to the left of the breaker handle has the catalog number at the top.  The number also appears on a label on the side of the breaker. Schneider Electric catalog numbers begin with "NJ" and Square D catalog numbers begin with "J."


A label on the front of the circuit breaker to the right of the breaker handle has the date code in the lower right corner. Recalled circuit breakers were manufactured from March 26, 2014 through September 26, 2014 and have date codes 14131 through 14395. The date codes are in the YYWWD format (example: 14131 = year 2014, week 13, day of the work week 1/ Monday).


Breakers with following catalog numbers are being recalled:


Catalog Number 

Breaker Type 


2 Pole


2 Pole


2 Pole


2 Pole


3 Pole


3 Pole


3 Pole


3 Pole


3 Pole


Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled circuit breakers and contact Schneider Electric for either a free replacement circuit breaker and a credit of up to $300 per address to cover labor costs for installation by a certified electrician or a handle update kit and a credit of up to $150 per address to cover labor costs for installation by a certified electrician.


None reported

Sold At:
Authorized Schneider Electric distributors, original equipment manufacturers and in factory assembled panel boards from March 2014 through September 2014 for between $2,900 and $11,200.
Manufactured In:
USA and Mexico
Recall number:

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