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Club Car Recalls Utility and Transport Vehicles Due to Crash Hazard

  • TransPorter 4\nJS/JT\n1225-287102 to 1225-287869
  • Villager 6 Plus\nQS\n1225-287558 to 1225-288079
  • Villager 8\nMG/QE\n1225-287531 to 1225-288088
  • Carryall 252, Turf 252\nJK/JL/XG/ZG\n1225-287215 to 1225-288287
  • Carryall 2, Turf 2, Turf 2 Plus\nEG/QB/QT/RG\n1222-286712 to 1225-288285
  • Carryall 1, Carryall Turf 1\nFD/FG/HD/HG\n1225-287074 to 1225-288151
  • Carryall 6, Carryall Turf 6\nJR/JU/JV\n1225-287116 to 1225-288112
  • Café Express\nAF\n1225-287118 to 1225-287529
Name of Product:
Utility and transport vehicles
The brake pedal mounting blocks can crack and separate, resulting in a loss of braking ability, resulting in a crash.
Recall Date:
April 10, 2012
About 100
Consumer Contact

For more information, contact Club Car toll-free at (800) 227-0739, ext. 3831, between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or visit the firm's website at

Recall Details


The recalled vehicles are various sizes, models and colors of model year 2012 gas and electric powered utility and transport vehicles used for short-distance transportation. The vehicles can be identified by model and serial number. The serial number is above and to the right of the accelerator pedal. A list of recalled models and serial numbers is below.


ModelModel numberSerial number range
Café Express AF 1225-287118 to 1225-287529
Carryall 1, Carryall Turf 1 FD/FG/HD/HG 1225-287074 to 1225-288151
Carryall 2, Turf 2, Turf 2 Plus EG/QB/QT/RG 1222-286712 to 1225-288285
Carryall 252, Turf 252 JK/JL/XG/ZG 1225-287215 to 1225-288287
Carryall 6, Carryall Turf 6 JR/JU/JV 1225-287116 to 1225-288112
TransPorter 4 JS/JT 1225-287102 to 1225-287869
Villager 6 Plus QS 1225-287558 to 1225-288079
Villager 8 MG/QE 1225-287531 to 1225-288088

Club Car is providing a free replacement of the brake pedal mounting blocks. The firm is contacting its customers directly.


Club Car has not received any reports of the brake pedal mounting blocks breaking. No injuries have been reported.

Sold At:
Authorized Club Car dealers nationwide in April and May 2011 for between $6,000 and $11,000
Club Car, LLC of Augusta, Ga.
Manufactured In:
United States
Recall number:

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