April 11, 2000

Release # 00-096

John Deere Recall Line: (800) 242-4672

John Deere Contact: Ray J. Hornak, (919) 877-0877


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), John Deere Consumer Products Inc., of Charlotte, N.C., is voluntarily recalling about 200,000 Homelite® handheld power blowers/vacuums. The fuel line location can cause it to contact the edge of the engine shroud, causing the line to prematurely wear. This can result in a gasoline leak, presenting a fire hazard and causing burn injuries to consumers.

John Deere Consumer Products has received two reports of the fuel line leaking from these power blowers/vacuums. There have been no reports of fires or injuries.

These gasoline-powered, handheld power blowers/vacuums are red and black. The Homelite® logo is written on the inlet cover door. They can be identified by the following UT and serial numbers on a sticker attached to the unit near the blower tube:

UT numbers
UT08052 UT08052A UT08052B UT08052C UT08057
UT08057A UT08057B UT08058 UT08058A UT08058B
UT08059 UT08059A UT08059B UT08066 UT08066A
UT08066B UT08067 UT08067A UT08067C UT08069
UT08069B UT08070R UT08071R UT08076 UT08076A
UT08084 UT08085 UT08086 UT08089 UT08090
UT08091 UT08105 UT08107 UT08108  

Serial numbers
HT2130001 through HT3659999 HA0010001 through HA3659999
MA0010001 through MA3659999 MB0010001 through MB0459999

Home center and hardware stores including the Home Depot, Eagle Hardware and Ace Hardware, sold these blowers/vacuums nationwide from August 1998 through January 2000 for about $150.

Consumers should stop using these power blowers/vacuums immediately and contact their nearest Homelite® service dealer for a free inspection and repair. To locate the local service dealer or for more information, call Johon Deere Consumer Profudcts at (800) 242-4672 anytime.