December 5, 1995


Release # 96-033


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), LaNacional, cxa, Hato Rey, P.R. and Dominican Republic, is announcing the recall of three models of cribs distributed in Puerto Rico. These cribs do not comply with safety standards and pose strangulation and entrapment hazards to infants.

The distance between the cribs' slats is greater than 2 3/8 inches and some of the cribs' corner posts are one or more inches high. A child's head can get caught in the space between slats, which present an entrapment hazard, or a child could strangle when clothes catch on the corner posts. In addition the cribs lack required identifying marks and instructions and fail to meet other requirements.

These cribs were sold assembled without a box. Assembled cribs can be identified by a lack of printed instructions and markings, except for the words "MADE IN THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC" printed under the mattress support. The three crib styles involved in the recall are the CAMA CUNA R.N.C., the CAMA CUNA No. 2, and the Crib with Drawers. The Crib with Drawers (41" x 78" x 19") has two drawers in its base and corner posts. Its wooden headboard has an oval-shaped cut out with woven straw in the center. Slats on the side are 5/8" round and 19" high. The "CAMA CUNA R.N.C." (42 1/2" x 72' x 31") has corner posts and a carved headboard. Slats on the side are 5/8" round and 19" high. The "CAMA CUNA No. 2" (41" x 77" x 41") has curved head and foot boards without corner posts. Rectangular slats on the side measure 1.5" x .5" and 20.5" high.

LaNacional distributed 2,288 cribs from January, 1994 to April 12, 1995. Eighteen retailers, including chain stores, distributed the cribs in Puerto Rico. More cribs may be in consumers' possession, since records for distribution prior to 1994 are not available. The cribs were sold for approximately $150 in retail stores by the following retailers in Puerto Rico:

A1lmacen Economuebles
Antillana Furniture Supply
Cabo Rojo Discount House
Casa F & N
Guayabal Gas Service
J. M. J. Appliances Corp.
Low Price Discount
Muebleria Hermanos
Muebleria La Unica
Mueblerias Mendoza, Inc.
Muebleria Nuevo Concepto, Inc.
Muebleria Peyo Y Samuel
Muebleria Samary
Muebleria Waldemar
Pitusa Mubles Y Enseres
Sedeco Discount
Cruz Super Descuento
Valdejylly Y Segarra

Consumers who own these cribs should stop using them immediately and return them to the store where purchased for a refund. For more details they can contact LaNacional, cxa, Calle Carolina #549 Interior, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00917 or call (809) 758-3606.

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