September 25, 1996


Release # 96-191

WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC, Mor-Flo Industries Inc., doing business as the American Water Heater Group of Johnson City, Tenn., is announcing a voluntary recall program to repair approximately 6,500 LP Polaris Comfort Systems combination water heaters and home heating systems. Under certain circumstances, fuel gas may ignite explosively, causing property damage or injury.

The American Water Heater Group is aware of 104 incidents of heater damage and three incidents in which property damage extended beyond the heater. No injuries have been reported.

This retrofit involves Polaris Comfort Systems water heaters with the following model numbers:

PR34LPGV, PR50LPGV, PR34LPGFV, PR50LPGFV, PC100-34LPGV, PC100-50LPGV, PBG102-34S100-2P, PBG102-50T100-2P, PBCG32-34S100-2P, PBCG32-50S100-2P, PBCG52-34S100-2P, PBCG52-50S100-2P, DVPB35LPGV, PVG-34S100-2P,

The model numbers are located on an identification/data plate on the front center of the exterior of the heater, about three feet above the floor.

Heating and cooling contractors sold the heaters nationwide from 1985 to July 1996 for about $2,200.

Consumers should immediately call the American Water Heater Group at (800) 456-9805 or write to the company's Product Services and Support Group at P.O. Box 1597, Johnson City, Tenn. 37605. The company will arrange installation of a free safety upgrade kit. For more information, consumers should call American Water Heater Group.