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CPSC And Doreau Designs Announce Recall Of Mercury Necklaces

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Recall Date:
January 23, 1995

Recall Details



January 23, 1995


Release # 95-066

WASHINGTON, D.C. - CPSC, Doreau Designs of Carlsbad, Calif., is voluntarily recalling 2 styles of necklaces that bear small vials or glass balls containing the metal mercury.

While these vials or glass balls pose no immediate health threat, exposure to their vapor can cause long term health problems, especially for small children and pregnant women, if the vials or balls break.

The necklaces contain either a one-inch glass vial or a dime size glass ball connected to either a 24-inch beaded chain or a 24-inch leather strand. The silver colored liquid mercury is contained within the glass vials and glass balls.

About 1,200 necklaces, imported from Mexico, were assembled and sold by Doreau Designs. The necklaces were distributed in the central and western United States through swap meets, street fairs, and the Lux Corporation doing business as a retail chain store under the name of "MR. RAGGS." The mercury necklaces were sold between January and December 1994 for $9.99 each.

Consumers who purchased these mercury necklaces should return them to the place where purchased for a refund. Consumers unable to return their necklaces to the place of purchase should mail them to Doreau Designs, 2724 Levante St., Carlsbad, CA 92009 for a refund including postage. Consumers with questions about this recall can contact Sylvain Pierre Doreau, at (619) 436-0121.

The Washington State Department of Health, Office of Toxic Substances, brought these potentially hazardous necklaces to the attention of CPSC after receiving a report that a vial had broken in a public school in Washington, which required evacuation of the students until the spill could be cleaned up.

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