December 14, 1993


Release # 94-025

PRODUCT: Approximately 1,500 "Greatland 7' Lighted Aleutian Pine Christmas Trees," and accompanying extension cord sold nationwide by Target Stores from September 1993 through December 2, 1993. The artificial trees feature pre-attached miniature lights.

PROBLEM: The extension cords supplied with the lighted trees may overheat or melt. A potential fire hazard in or near the extension cord is present.

WHAT TO DO: Consumers should immediately stop using the extension cord and return the cord and tree to their nearest Target store for a full refund.

WASHINGTON, DC -- CPSC, Target Stores, Minneapolis, MN, is voluntarily recalling "Greatland 7' Lighted Aleutian Pine Christmas Trees" and accompanying extension cord. Four Target stores have reported overheated or melted extension cords attached to the artificial trees in store displays. Also, two consumers have reported similar electrical problems with their trees. No fires or injuries have been reported to date.

The Greatland 7' Lighted Aleutian Pine Christmas Trees and accompanying extension cord were sold nationwide in Target stores from September 1993 to December 2, 1993. The artificial trees, which sold for either $149.99 or $199.99, feature "1,280 pre-attached, evenly spaced clear, or colored miniature lights." Approximately 1,500 trees are believed to be in use by consumers.

Consumers should immediately stop use of the extension cord supplied with the trees and return the cord and tree to their nearest Target store for a full refund of the purchase price.

CPSC learned of this problem from representatives of Target Stores. The trees were manufactured in China and sold nationwide by Target Stores.

CPSC is announcing this recall as a part of its mission to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury and death associated with consumer products. The Commission's objective is to reduce the estimated 28.6 million injuries and 21,700 deaths associated each year with the 15,000 different types of consumer products under CPSC's jurisdiction.