June 21, 1990


Release # 90-115


WASHINGTON, D.C.--Dynamic Classics, Ltd. of New York City, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), today announced a repair program for its spring exercisers called the "Rowing Action Exerciser." Early models of the exerciser were involved in injuries resulting mainly from the spring breaking or the footbar separating during use. Some two million exercisers of the earlier model were sold nationwide from 1984 to August 1987.

Approximately 60 incidents have been reported to CPSC and the firm, most of which involved a broken spring or a footbar assemble coming apart. Consumers have experienced bruises, cuts and lacerations to the face and other parts of the body when the handlebar or spring stuck the user. Incidents showed that the spring of the Rowing Action Exerciser, if extended too far to withstand the stress, could snap.

Dynamic Classics is offering owners of the older models a free retrofit kit, which is designed to prevent the spring breaking and the footbar separating. The retrofit kit includes a safety cord to prevent over-stretching and over-stressing the spring, metal brackets to prevent over-stressing the spring loop, and a new extended footbar to prevent separation.

Rowing Action Exercisers sold after August 1987 do not need retrofitting. They can be identified by metal brackets already attached to the top and bottom of the spring and a safety cord installed inside the spring. Earlier models had no brackets and a longer safety cord.

Consumers should immediately discontinue the use of older models of the Rowing Action Exerciser, which do not have metal brackets attached to both ends of the spring. Consumers should call Dynamic Classics, Ltd. toll-free at 1-800-284-8492 to received a retrofit kit. Consumers may also write to: Dynamic Classics, Ltd., 95 Mayhill Street, Saddle Brook, NJ 07662.

Consumers no longer using the older Rowing Action Exerciser or not wishing to repair the device should discard the exerciser so no one else may use it.