November 1, 1988  
Release # 88-90

WASHINGTON - Speed Queen Company of Ripon, Wisconsin, is voluntarily offering a retrofit program for its caster-equipped Contempo Stack combination washer-dryer to eliminate the possibility that consumers could receive a hand or foot-injury from the appliance when operating. 

Speed Queen will supply all consumers with a permanent guard to install at the base of the Contempo Mate washer-dryer, which are equipped with caster-rollers. Casters permit consumers to roll the appliance to the water and drain source for clothes washing, and then to return the unit to another area for convenient storage. 

Speed Queen said the casters elevate the appliance high enough off the floor to allow children to contact some of the washer's moving parts. 

Consumers having the Speed Queen Contempo Mate stack washer-dryer with casters should call Speed Queen toll-free at 1-800-543-3462 to obtain the free guard kit, obtain help in installing the guard, or for other information about the retrofit program.