December 10, 1985  
Release # 85-065

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission announced that on December 6, the United States Marshal's Office in Phoenix, Arizona seized almost 4,600 banned "clacker ball" toys. The toys, labeled "KER-BANGERS," are a hand-held novelty item consisting of two plastic balls connected by a cord to a plastic handle. When the hand is raised and lowered, the balls "clack" or bang against each other in an arc. Despite the claim on the package that the "KER-BANGERS" are "SHATTERPROOF," when the Consumer Product Safety Commission tested these toys, the balls either shattered or cracked. In addition, many of the handles broke. Consumers who have "KER-BANGERS" should promptly throw them away.

The toys were the seized at the premises of a wholesaler, Empire Novelty & Concession Supply, Inc. 2213 East Indian School Road, Phoenix, Arizona. Empire Novelty is voluntarily recalling the toys from its customers, who are retailers. The "KER-BANGERS" were shipped from California and, according to the label, were manufactured by Chuck Howard Toy Co. of Inglewood, California. The manufacturer is no longer in business.

Clacker balls were a popular toy in the early 1970's. To prevent injuries from fragmentation of the balls or from propulsion of the parts upon sudden disassembly during use, they are subject to a regulation enforced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, which requires them to pass specific durability tests.