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Recall Of Stuffed Baby Chicks

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Recall Date:
April 13, 1983

Recall Details

April 13, 1983  
Release # 83-020

Washington, D.C. -- The U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and two importers, New Angles/Wallace Oaks and Hickory Valley, both of Ojai, California, announce the recall of dead, stuffed baby chicks, ducklings, and goslings which contain the poison, arsenic.

The articles were distributed nationally through gift shops, florists, and florist suppliers. The stuffed birds have been marketed in various ways, including mounted on a small base, or in a basket or floral arrangement. The stuffed birds were imported from mainland China and the recall involves less than 25,000 units.

The CPSC began its investigation on April 5, 1983, and had samples in various state and Federal agency laboratories by April 6. The results of these tests confirm the presence of arsenic as earlier reported by the State of Ohio. These results showed arsenic to be present in significant amounts in the skin and down of the stuffed birds. The CPSC is not aware of any confirmed incidents of poisoning resulting from the stuffed birds.

Persons in possession of these stuffed birds should seal them securely in double plastic bags and return them to the place of purchase. Retailers are advised to stop selling the stuffed baby birds which are banned by the Federal Hazardous Substance Act and offer their customers a refund. Retailers and wholesalers should hold the returned units pending instructions from their suppliers.

Persons with questions about these articles should call the importers: New Angles/Wallace Oaks (805-646-1112) or Hickory Valley (805-646-0128), or the Consumer Product Safety Commission toll-free Hotline at 800-638-CPSC.

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