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Wham-O To Correct Potential Hazard In Children's Outdoor Water Toy

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Recall Date:
March 10, 1980

Recall Details

March 10, 1980  
Release # 80-007

WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 10)-- A program to correct more than 100,000 outdoor "Fun Fountain" water toys which may cause serious injuries to children is being conducted by the Wham-O Mfg. Co. of San Gabriel, California.

The firm, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, voluntarily will supply free corrective water flow control valve inserts for its "Fun Fountain" toys produced from 1977 through November, 1979.

The toy consists of a clown hat and head which attaches onto the end of a garden hose so that the hat rises in the air when water flows through the clown's head. Children may be inclined to peer into the water outlet and the stream of water could cause serious eye injuries, especially in communities with high water pressure.

CPSC so far has been informed of two consumer complaints since June, 1979, involving a six-year-old boy and a seven-year- old boy who suffered eye injuries when struck at close distance by water emitted from the "Fun Fountain" toys.

The Wham-O "Fun Fountain" water toys were sold nationwide in toy stores and variety stores for approximately $10.00 each. The model number of the toy, #237, is imprinted on the toy's package.

According to the company, the potential hazard has been corrected on all "Fun Fountain" toys manufactured since December, 1979 when the toys began to be produced with a water flow control valve to decrease and control the water flow. Such new editions are readily identifiable since they are equipped with a blue hose connector (the older design has a red connector) at the base of the clown head. The words "Important Notice" and "Safety Check List" also are imprinted on the new toy cartons.

If the hose connector is red but contains a blue insert which is clearly visible, then it also has been corrected and is equipped with a water flow control valve.

To correct the potential hazard in "Fun Fountain" toys manufactured before December, 1979, parents are urged to go to the place of purchase to receive a free water flow control valve insert, or they may contact Wham-O directly to receive a free valve insert (Customer Service Dept. 7, 835 East El Monte Street, San Gabriel, California, 91778). Consumers also may telephone Wham-O toll-free at 800/423-4174 (in California, call collect at 213/287-9681).

The water flow control valve snaps easily into the hose connector and once installed will remain firmly within the connector, according to the company.

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