April 12, 1976


Release # 76-022

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Apr. 12) -- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in cooperation with WHAM-O Manufacturing Company, San Gabriel, California, announced the recall of approximately 15,000 "Power- master" rifle crossbows and pistol crossbows which may pose an unreasonable risk of injury.

The recall affects rifle crossbow Model Nos. 106 and 108, and pistol crossbows Model No. 718 which were manufactured between September 1, 1974, and March 25, 1976. These products, which consist of an aluminum bow positioned on a rifle-type or pistol-type mechanism, may contain a latch that was not heat treated. Once the bow has been cocked and the safety released this possible defect could cause the bow to fire prematurely. These products have been sold nationwide and are primarily intended for hunting. The rifle model retails for approximately $60; the pistol version for approximately $40.

The firm is out of business and there is no longer any remedy available. Consumers who think they may have one of these products should discard or destroy them.

WHAM-O had notified all retailers and distributors of these cross- bows by letter and requested that notices be posted in stores at point of sale advising customers of the possible defect. WHAM-O voluntarily reported the possible defect to the Commission in March 1976. Neither WHAM-O nor the Commission has learned of any injuries associated with the possible defect in these crossbows.