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Kemp Offers Free Repair Kit For Compost And Leaf Shredders

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Recall Date:
February 24, 1975

Recall Details



February 24, 1975


Release # 75-018

ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA (Feb. 24) -- Kemp Shredder Company, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, announces the immediate availability of a free corrective kit for compost and leaf shredders with Model Nos. SKO, 6-0, and 6-04 to reduce the possibility of injury to users.

The uncorrected models pose a potential safety hazard to consumers. The user's hand could be drawn into the shredding machinery when a stick or branch is inserted at a certain angle while the machine is operating.

The free corrective kit provided by the Kemp Shredder Company will contain a protective plate with simple installation instructions, revised operating instructions, and safety decals. The protective plate, to be installed by the consumer, will reduce the potential hazard.

Only Model Nos. SKO, 6-0, and 6-04, which were sold nationally, are involved in the corrective program voluntarily undertaken by the firm. These models were manufactured prior to May 16, 1973, although some may have been sold after that date. The model numbers are located on the shredder nameplate. Consumers who have difficulty in finding the model number should contact the Kemp Shredder Company.

The Kemp Shredder Company is notifying by certified mail all known purchasers of the availability of the corrective kits. Owners of the above models who have not received the letter are urged to contact the Kemp Shredder Company, P.O. Box 6275, Erie, Pennsylvania 16512.

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