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CPSC Warns Of Possible Fire Hazard

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Recall Date:
September 14, 1973

Recall Details


September 14, 1973

Release # 73-021

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Sept. 14) --The Consumer Product Safety Commission-- acting on a report to it from the Zenith Radio Corporation-- today warned consumers of a possible fire hazard in 12,000 Zenith 19-inch table model color television sets.

The affected sets all were manufactured between late June and mid-August 1972.

CPSC Chairman Richard 0. Simpson said that he has been informed by Zenith that they are moving immediately to notify all of their distributors, dealers and set owners. And he said that Zenith has voluntarily agreed to repair the sets at no expense to consumers. A company spokesman said that Zenith will attempt to contact all set owners within two weeks.

Simpson said that Zenith learned of the problem Wednesday, following a fire in one of the sets in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. There were no reported injuries as a result of that fire.

The sets carry model numbers: D-4030W5, D-4030W6, T-2838W6, D-4032W5, and D-4034P6. All of the affected sets also carry one of two additional identifying numbers: 226C or 227C. The model and identifying numbers appear on a white label on the backs of the television sets.

The Commission said that consumers should immediately unplug the sets and discontinue use until they are checked. Simpson said that the problem is not necessarily related to a series of fires which New Jersey authorities have attributed to faulty television sets. He said that the Commission has been investigating those incidents as well as others which have been reported to it from across the country.

Zenith said that the possible fire hazard in the sets is a result of an improperly located high voltage capacitor. Of the 12,000 sets with the potential defect, most are believed to be in homes.

Simpson praised Zenith for the company's immediate response to a potentially hazardous situation. He said that the Commission has received full cooperation from Zenith personnel and said the Commission was making a public announcement to assure that consumers were alerted to the possible danger.

Zenith has issued a public announcement from its Chicago corporate office.

12,000 Zenith Color Tv Sets

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