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CPSC, Electrolux Announce Recall to Repair Top-Corded Vacuum Cleaners

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Recall Date:
November 10, 1998

Recall Details


Company Phone Number: (800) 896-9756

November 10, 1998


Release # 99-017


WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Electrolux, L.L.C., of Atlanta, Ga., is recalling about 226,000 Ponytail Top-Corded Handle Upright Vacuum Cleaners. The power cords on these vacuums extend out of the very top of the handle, and the cord is often used as an extension of the handle. The power cord can break inside the handle or the casing around the cord can break, and cause shocks or burns to the user's hand. Even when there is no apparent breaking of the casing around the cord, these vacuums can still cause injuries.

Electrolux is aware of at least 75 reports of the cords on these vacuums breaking or the casing around the cord exposing wires. About half of these incidents reportedly resulted in burns or shocks to users. Of these reports, there were 11 serious injuries which included consumers suffering second or third degree burns, shocks, or a combination of these injuries.

The Ponytail vacuums were sold under the following names:

Prolux S/R
Genesis LX
Prolux Warehouse
Genesis LXE
Special Edition
Prolux Plus

Only Electrolux upright vacuums with the cord coming out of the very top of the handle are included in this recall. "Electrolux" and the model name are written on each vacuum.

Most of these vacuums were sold through direct sales and retail stores, including Sam's Club, Service Merchandise and Macy's, between May 1991 and September 1993 for between $150 and $550, depending on the model and accessories. Some vacuums were sold directly to corporate customers.

Consumers should immediately stop using these vacuums, and return them to an Electrolux store for a free repair. The handle on the vacuum will be replaced with a new model handle. For more information and to find the Electrolux store nearest to you, call Electrolux at (800) 896-9756 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Picture of Ponytail Top-Corded Handle Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Drawing of the top of the handle where the power cord extends


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