Company Phone Number: (800) 724-7519

December 11, 1997


Release # 98-042

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), White Consolidated Industries Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio, is recalling about 23,000 gas ranges to repair their oven burner assemblies. The oven burner assemblies could have been damaged during shipment or delivery. A damaged oven burner assembly can allow gas to flow into the home, which could cause a fire or an explosion.

White Consolidated Industries has received 14 reports of gas leaks linked to damaged burner assemblies. There have been no reports of fire or explosion and no injuries have been reported.

The oven burner assemblies involved in this recall are installed in Frigidaire, Tappan, White-Westinghouse and Gibson gas ranges that feature a pilotless ignition, but do not have a self-clean cycle. The gas ranges involved in this recall have 10 digit model numbers and 10 digit serial numbers. These numbers are located either under the range top cover on the left wall or in the oven or broiler drawer on the right side.

First Six Entries of Model Number
Serial Number Range
970-33 VF72808400 to VF73714402
FGF333 VF71205887 to VF73713122
GGF333 VF72303525 to VF73310146
MGF300 VF72105043 to VF73712212
MGF311 VF72010854 to VF73510650
MGF316 VF72912839 to VF73711672
MGF324 VF71906196 to VF73712362
MGF331 VF72007660 to VF73802057
MGF345 VF72104790 to VF73712419
TGF330 VF72504892 to VF73404575
TGF332 VF72104950 to VF73713181
TGF334 VF72008614 to VF73714892
TGF335 VF72204981 to VF73810667

Major department and appliance stores nationwide sold the gas ranges from June 1997 to October 1997 for between $200 and $450.

Consumers should stop using the gas range oven immediately. White Consolidated Industries has arranged for Frigidaire to service these gas ranges. Consumers should call Frigidaire at (800) 724-7519 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday through Friday to schedule an inspection, service and repair of the gas range free of charge. Consumers also can write to Frigidaire at 6000 Perimeter Drive, Dublin, OH 43017.

If consumers smell gas or hear a gas leak, they should immediately turn off the oven, open a window or door and call the gas company.

How to locate Model and Serial Plate