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Wiring Problem Prompts Deep Fat Fryer Inspection

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Recall Date:
February 28, 1989

Recall Details



February 28, 1989


Release # 89-016


Wiring Problem Prompts Deep Fat Fryer Inspection

WASHINGTON -- T-Fal Corporation of Fairfield, N.J. is notifying consumers that certain of its TEFAL type 8215 deep fat fryers may have the potential for serious electric shock.

T-FAL has identified a wiring problem that may exist in certain type 8215 fryers with specific manufacturing date codes. The firm has received two reports of shock out of approximately 40,000 units of this model that bear these specific date codes.

In voluntary cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product safety Commission, T-FA.L will verify and correct consumer units which have specific date codes. Fryers involved are identified as TEFAL, Safety Super Fryer, type 8215 and have a three or four digit manufacturing code which ends in the numbers 6, 7 or 8.

The fryers with numbers ending in 8 must also be preceded by the number 22 or less. Before calling, consumers should look on the bottom of their fryers for the type and date code numbers, then call T-FAL toll-free at 1-800-548-0588, or write T-FAL Corporation, 23 Kulick Road, Fairfield, N.J. 07006. Consumers with type 8215 fryers should stop using the appliance immediately until contacting T-FAL for further instructions as to the need for any correction.

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