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Coleman Offers Repair Kit For Powermate Generator

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Recall Date:
January 03, 1989

Recall Details



January 3, 1989


Release # 89-001


WASHINGTON -- Repair kits for some 1700 Powermate Model PM 3000 electric generators sold over the past five years are being offered by Coleman Powermate, Inc. of Kearney, Nebraska to correct a possible fuel line leak which could trigger a fire.

In the voluntary recall undertaken in cooperation with the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Coleman Powermate said that vibration from use of the generator can cause the fuel hose to rub against the edge of the engine shroud. If the fuel line ruptures, gasoline will spill and could cause a fire. The firm has received two reports of fuel line rupture, neither of which resulted in fire or personal injury. Coleman Powermate, which is the successor company to Ag-Tronic, Inc., said suspect Model PM 3000 generators were manufactured between December 1983 and September 1988. Model PM 3000 generators bearing serial number 193180 and higher have been corrected at the factory and do not pose the safety problem.

Consumers with Model PM 3000 electric generators will receive a repair kit with step-by-step instructions for replacing the existing fuel line hose and engine shroud with a new fuel hose and newly designed engine shroud which will correct the problem. Consumers should call the company at 1-800-445-1805 for a free repair kit or write Coleman Powermate, Inc., 125 Airport Road, Kearney, Nebraska 68848.

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