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OPW Recalls Gas Station Hose Swivel Connectors Due to Fire, Explosion Hazards

  • Model 241C ¾ inch with MFG Date 01-01-2013 through 03-12-2017
  • Model 241 ¾ inch with MFG Date 01 13 through 03 17
  • Model 36S ¾ inch with MFG Date 01-01-2013 through 03-12-2017
  • Model 241-1000 1 inch with MFG Date 01 13 through 03 17
  • Model 241-1000C 1 inch with MFG Date 01-01-2013 through 03-12-2017
  • Model 36S 1 inch with MFG Date 01-2013 through 03-2017
Name of Product:
Gas station hose swivel connectors

The swivel connectors can separate from the hose or nozzle of the gas station pump and cause fuel spillage, posing fire and explosion hazards.

Recall Date:
March 24, 2017
About 824,000
Consumer Contact

OPW toll-free at 866-562-5931 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at and click on “Swivel Recall” for more information.

Recall Details


The recall involves metal swivel connectors installed between the nozzle and hose of gas station pumps that dispense refined fuels such as gasoline, diesel, ethanol blends, and biodiesel blends. The recalled swivel connectors have a “MFG date” printed on the end in the format of: MM YY or MM-DD-YEAR or MM-YEAR. The model number is printed on the center body of the swivel connector. The following models are included in the recall.



MFG Date

241TPS-0241C (3/4 inch)

01-01-2013 through 03-12-2017

241TPS-0241 (3/4 inch)

01 13 through 03 17

36S (3/4 inch)

01-01-2013 through 03-12-2017

241-1000 (1 inch)

01 13 through 03 17

241-1000C (1 inch)

01-01-2013 through 03-12-2017

36S (1 inch)

01-2013 through 03-2017


Gas station owners should immediately stop using and remove the recalled swivel connectors and contact OPW for a free replacement. The hose and nozzle can continue to be used without the swivel connector until the replacement is installed.   


OPW has received two reports of the swivel connectors separating from the hose or nozzle. No injuries have been reported.

Sold At:
OPW through distributors and direct to gas stations as individual units and as part of hose kits from January 2013 through January 2017 for about $33.
OPW, of Hamilton, Ohio
Manufactured In:
Recall number:
Fast Track Recall

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