Name of product:
Children's hooded sweatshirts and jackets
The children's hooded sweatshirts have a drawstring through the hood and/or waist that can pose a strangulation or entrapment hazard to children. In February 1996, CPSC issued guidelines, which were incorporated into an industry voluntary standard in 1997, to help prevent children from strangling or getting entangled on neck and waist drawstrings in upper garments, such as jackets or sweatshirts.
Recall date:
January 11, 2011
About 18,000
Consumer Contact:

For additional information, contact Hot Kids at (888) 946-8546 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PT Monday through Friday or visit the firm's website at

Recall Details

Description and Models:

This recall involves children's sweatshirts and jackets sold in sizes 2 through 12. The items are made of various materials and were sold in 13 colors and various prints. The brand names MJC, Hot Kids or MJ Collection are printed on the sewn-in label at the neck.


Style NumberDescriptionMaterialColorSizes
805 Hooded sweatshirt Cotton Gray, pink, black, burgundy Kids 4-20
806 Hooded sweatshirt Cotton Gray Kids 4-20
903 Hooded sweatshirt Polyester Black, brown Kids 2-18
2056 Hooded flannel shirt Cotton Black/white Kids 2-18
2059 Hooded plaid jacket Cotton Black/white, pink/black, purple/black, red/black Kids 2-14
4010 Jacket Polyester Black/white, pink/black, purple/black, red/black Kids 2-14
4015 Hooded sweatshirt Cotton Navy, white, pink, charcoal, black, burgundy Kids 4-20
4049 Hooded sweatshirt Cotton Navy, red, burgundy, gray, blue, pink, green Kids 4-18
4116-B Hooded plaid jacket Cotton Blue, white Kids 2-18
4121 Two-piece sports outfit Polyester Black, navy, red, green Kids 2-18
4122 Hooded sweatshirt Cotton Black Kids 4-20
4123 Hooded sweatshirt Cotton Black, red, heather, gray Kids 4-20
5027 Hooded plaid jacket Cotton Black, purple, white Kids 2-18

Consumers should immediately remove the drawstrings from the sweatshirts and jackets to eliminate the hazard or return the clothing to Hot Kids for a full refund.


None reported

Sold At:

The Hot Kids Store in Los Angeles and from nationwide wholesalers from June 2002 through January 2010 for between $6 and $15.


Mejoong Corp. dba Hot Kids

Manufactured In:
China and Vietnam
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