May 5, 2005
Alert #05-569


The following product safety inventory retrieval was voluntarily conducted by Dormont and Cimberio in cooperation with the CPSC. Distributors and other product sellers should return uninstalled affected products (see description below) in their inventory to Dormont. This retrieval does not apply to affected valves that have been installed in people's homes.

Name of Product: Cimberio Gas Ball Valve

Units: About 20,000 in inventory

Importer: Dormont Manufacturing Company, of Export, Pa.

Manufacturer: Cimberio S.p.A., of Via Torchio, Italy

Hazard: When one of these valves is closed, it could open up slightly. If the gas supply is on, gas will leak from the inlet port through the ball/seat and travel through the outlet port. If the valve is not connected to an appliance, and is not capped or plugged as required by the National Fuel Gas Code Section, leaking gas will escape into the air. However, subsequent testing confirms that this potential for a gas leak is eliminated as gas flows through the valve. As a result, there is no risk with installed valves.

Incidents/Injuries: None.

Description: This inventory retrieval involves valves manufactured by Cimberio: ?" FIP x 5/8" OD (15/16"-16 thread) Gas Ball Valve; ?" FIP x ?" FIP Gas Ball Valve; ?" FIP x ?" FIP Gas Ball Valve with Side Tap; ?" FIP x ?" FIP Gas Ball Valve with Square Head. All affected valves as described here have a red handle and have various markings on the valve body. See for photographs of the affected valves.

Sold at: Various retailers and plumbing product suppliers from 1997 to 2004

Manufactured in: Italy

Remedy: Return any affected products that remain in inventory to Dormont.

Distributor/Product Seller Contact: Contact Dormont at (800)367-6668 Ext. 3330 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or visit the Dormont Web site at