February 22, 2002

Alert #02-523


PRODUCT: Red Devil Gas Grill - HSN LP of St. Petersburg, Fla. is recalling about 13,750 Red Devil Gas Grills. These red metal gas grills have a tripod stand. They have a logo on the label of the lid and grill base showing a devil cooking at a grill with the writing, "Red Devil." The lid also reads "The Portable Outdoor Kitchen." Components sold with the grill include a heat plate, an oversized skillet with handles, a table-safe serving trivet, and carrying totes. HSN sold the grills from September 1998 to May 2001 for up to $145.95.

PROBLEM: The product's design allows consumers to light the grill at an air intake tube, instead of at the burner. When the grill is lit at the air intake tube, it will appear to function normally, though gas inside the air intake tube will ignite. The tube can reach temperatures of up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit and melt the grill's plastic support piece. Grills manufactured before August 1998 that are lit at the air intake tube may collapse during use. When the grill collapses, flames from the lit grill can burn nearby consumers and ignite surrounding combustibles.

INCIDENTS/INJURIES: The grill manufacturers have received 44 reports of consumers suffering burns to legs, hands and fingers, including reports of some third degree burns. There have been no incidents reported by HSN customers.

WHAT TO DO: Consumers who have one of these grills should stop using them immediately and call HSN Customer Service at (800) 284-7171 , between 8:00 a.m. and 1:00a.m. 7 days a week, or visit HSN's web site at

Consumers who purchased Red Devil Gas Grills from HSN prior to December 31, 1998 should return the grill, for a full refund, to HSN Quality Assurance, 1 HSN Drive, St. Petersburg, FL 33729, Attn: "Red Devil Grill Recall.". Consumers who purchased Red Devil Gas Grills from HSN after January 1, 1999 will receive revised operating instructions and warning labels to be put on the locking mechanism next to the air hole, warning users not to light the grill at the air hole opening in the air intake tube.

Picture of Recalled Grill