June 6, 1989  
Release # 89-049

Three Baby Strollers Recalled By Mccrory

WASHINGTON, DC --- Three types of baby strollers between May 1983 and May 1988 are being voluntarily recalled by McCrory Stores of York, Pa., because of small parts that could present a choking hazard to young children.

McCrory Stores said the tube ends of the strollers were sealed with plastic plugs, but the plugs could be removed. Although no injuries have been reported, the plugs are small enough to present a choking or ingestion hazard if a child places a plug in its mouth. If' the plugs are removed, exposed metal ends of the tubes could have sharp edges which are capable of lacerating the toddler's fingers, hands or arms.

Imported from Taiwan, the strollers were sold nationally in McCrory stores as well as Britt's, Elmore, H.L. Green, Kittinger, Kress, McLellan, Newberry, Silver, TG&Y and some independent stores. The recalled strollers are: Model AT410, Item #129098 umbrella stroller (approximate cost $19.99); Model PHT438, Item #128942 umbrella with canopy stroller (approximate cost $29.99); and Model PHT417, $39.99).

These strollers have variations of a blue and white checked print. Most of these strollers have an item number and a date of manufacture.

Stroller Item #128942 is labeled, "Made in Taiwan Expressly for McCrory Corp., York, Pa. 17402"; they all have "Baby World Industries, Inc. Taiwan." #129098 are labeled, "YDC. U.S.A." Strollers Item #129007 and Item 2955 E. Market St. York, Pa. 17402 U.S.A."

Consumers will see a caution label sewn on the seat back with a date of manufacture. Units with a manufacturing date of May 1, 1987, or later, are not subject to this recall.

Consumers having the strollers should discontinue using them and contact McCrory for a free modification kit or other instructions. Consumers should include the stroller's item number and style when they write McCrory Stores, Dept. Stop #0512, 2955 East Market Street, York, Pa. 17402 #06-Mail Stop #0512, 2955 East Market Street, York, Pa. 17402.