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Older Adult Safety

It is important for older consumers to understand and take precautions against the risks associated with consumer products and activities performed during their daily lives. Hundreds of thousands of seniors age 65 and older are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year due to injuries associated with consumer products. Falls are the leading cause of both deaths and injuries in this age group. Fires are another top cause of deaths among seniors.

Although many injuries to seniors result from hazards that are easy to overlook, there is an easy fix. By spotting hazards and taking simple steps to correct them, you can prevent injuries to yourself or visitors to your home.

To prevent falls:

  • Make sure stairs and other areas in the home are well lighted.

  • Install handrails, and remove tripping hazards, like area rugs.

To address the risk of fires:

  • Use carbon monoxide and smoke alarms.

  • Install a smoke alarm in every bedroom, outside every sleeping area, and on every floor of the home.

  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm outside of sleeping areas.

  • Carefully use and maintain space heaters, fireplaces and all fuel-burning appliances.


Watch CPSC’s latest PSA: Older Adult Safety Video "Name That Fall!"


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