Company Phone Number: (800) 352-0688

July 22, 1998


Release # 98-146

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Crate & Barrel of Northbrook, Ill., is recalling about 7,000 toy chests for in-home repair of their lids. The toy chest's lid support can fail, allowing the lid to fall onto a child's head or neck. A child could become entrapped at the neck and strangle.

CPSC and Crate & Barrel have received two reports of lids falling. In one instance, a lid fell onto a woman's head, causing her chin to strike the front edge of the chest. Through their retail stores, Crate & Barrel has received about 116 consumer requests for replacement lid supports.

The Crate & Barrel toy chests also function as benches. The seat of the bench, which is the toy chest's lid, lifts up to store toys inside. The toy chests, measuring 29 inches long, 18 inches wide and 18 inches deep, are made of maple, birch or beech wood. A 2-inch high railing encompasses the sides and the back of the chest, along with spindle-type rails on the sides. These toy chests have either one or two metal lid supports.

Crate & Barrel stores and catalogues sold the toy chests nationwide from September 1994 through March 1998 for about $130.

Consumers should immediately stop young children from using the toy chests, and call Crate & Barrel at (800) 352-0688 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. CDT Monday through Friday. Crate & Barrel will provide a new lid support, free of charge, to stop the lid from falling to prevent a child from being injured or fatally trapped. Consumers can make this repair easily using a regular screwdriver.
Toy Chest by Crate and Barrel