January 13, 1989


Release # 89-003


FOR RELEASE: WASHINGTON, D.C. Six dolls and five rattles are voluntarily being recalled by M. Ginsburg & Co. of Chicago, Illinois, because of possible choking hazards to infants and young children. Sold in craft stores, the dolls and rattles were marketed as decorations.

The six dolls are: 3-1/21" Doll #5219; 6-1/2" Baby Doll #5386; 3-1/21" Crawling Baby Doll #5602; 3-1/21" Sitting Baby Doll #5603; 6" Dressed Doll with Crystal Eyes #5613; 5" Sitting Doll with Yarn Hair in Yellow' Pink, Red, Blue, or Rust #5406. These dolls are being recalled because the arms and/or heads can be pulled off and choked on by a young child.

The five rattles are: Plastic Clothespin #6599, a 4-1/211 pink or blue clothespin with a painted-on face and cloth ribbon; Plastic Spoon #6600, a 4-1/2" pink or blue spoon with a painted- on face and cloth ribbon; Plastic Safety Pin #6601, a 4-1/211 pink or blue safety pin with cloth ribbon; Plastic Telephone #6638, a 4-1/2" pink or blue telephone receiver with a cloth ribbon; and Plastic Rattle #6640, a 2-1/2" pink ball with blue handle or a blue ball with pink handle. These rattles are small enough to fit into an infant's mouth, and long enough to reach the back of the throat and cause choking.

Consumers who purchased these dolls and rattles should immediately take them away from young children and return them to the place of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price. For additional information, you may call M. Ginsburg & Co. at 1-800-621-3681.