May 28, 1989  
Release # 89-037

NEW YORK, N.Y. - Artsana of America has announced it is asking consumers and retailers to remove the rubber feet of their toy top, "The Spinning Bee," model - #64063. The rubber disc-like feet constitute small parts which can cause a choking, ingestion, or aspiration hazard to children.

These feet, located under the blue base, have been removed by children. The spinning toy has "Chicco" embossed on a yellow collar under the knob and "Made in the USA" on the bottom, Approximately 100,000 of these toys were sold nationwide between July 1 and December 20, 1988.

Consumers should remove all four rubber feet and send them to Chicco at:

Artsana of America/Chicco
200 Fifth Avenue - Room 910
New York, NY 10010

Chicco, upon receipt of the feet, will issue a $3.00 gift certificate toward the purchase of another Chicco Toy.

The Spinning Bee is perfectly operable without the feet, and their removal does not diminish the play value. For further information, please contact Chicco at the address above.
Picture of Recalled "Spinning Bee" Toy

Chicco pronounced Kee-Ko' Label says MADE IN U.S.A. Those imported from Italy are not being recalled. The four rubber feet on the bottom of the toy can come out and present a choking hazard to young children.