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Lindsley Undertakes Replacement Program for Ceiling Fans

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Recall Date:
June 22, 1988

Recall Details

June 22, 1988  
Release # 88-044

WASHINGTON, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Lindsley Home Decorating Centers, Miami Lakes, Florida announces a notification and replacement program involving the "SMURF" and "SNOOPY" models of ceiling fans sold through Lindsley retail stores. These ceiling fans have a defective mounting bracket assembly, which could cause the ceiling fan to fall from its support. Serious injury could result to anyone who is struck by one of these falling ceiling fans. There have been three incidents of these ceiling fans falling, with two people receiving minor injuries.

Lindsley sold 1,500 units each of the "SMURF" and "SNOOPY" models of these 48", 4-blade reversible ceiling fans through its 43 Lindsley retail stores located in the southern part of Florida. Sales were made from the latter part of 1984 through 1985. These ceiling fans sold for a retail price ranging from $20 to $80. These ceiling fans are white in color and have the "SNOOPY" and "SMURF" characters on the ceiling fans.

During the latter part of 1985, Lindsley initiated a program to replace the defective mounting brackets on these ceiling fans. Lindsley Home Decorating Centers is now undertaking a new replacement program to replace both the original defective mounting bracket and the replacement bracket previously offered by Lindsley. This program includes not only the replacement of the mounting bracket but also the nylon ball that fits into the bracket. Any consumer who has purchased one of these ceiling fans from a Lindsley store should contact Linsley Home Decorating Centers, Miami Lakes, Florida, at 305-364-4006 or toll-free l-800-999-7173 for a free replacement kit. The kit will include a new mounting bracket and hanging ball as well as instructions for removal of the original components and installation of the replacement components. 

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