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CPSC Issues Correction of Craft Dolls Model Numbers Announced In Recall

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Recall Date:
September 21, 1988

Recall Details

September 21, 1988  
Release # 88-78

NOTE: Four model numbers for Fibre Craft dolls in a CPSC news release dated September 19, 1988 announcing a recall because of choking hazard were omitted. An incorrect number was cited for "Jill Doll" #3062. 

The correct model numbers for the dolls are "Cupid Dolls" #3004, #3005, #3035, #3036, #3057, #3058 and #3220; "Jill Doll" #3027; "Sandi Doll" #3028; "Paula Doll" #3029; "Charlotte Doll" #3062; "Beth Doll" #3068; "Baby Doll" #3087; and "Strawberry Girl" #3101. 

WASHINGTON, DC - Four rattles and 14 small dolls are being voluntarily recalled by Fibre Craft Materials Corp. of Niles, Illinois because of possible choking hazards to infants and young children. Sold in craft stores, the rattles and dolls were marketed as decorations. 

The four recalled rattles include: "Baby Rattle #4684," a noise-making blue ball atop a pink beaded handle; "Plastic Spoon Decoration #4685," a pink, blue, or yellow spoon with a painted-on face; "Plastic Ball Decoration #4686," a blue and pink barbell; and "Clothespin Cake Decoration #4687," a noise-making blue clothespin with a painted-on face. The rattles are small enough to fit into an infant's mouth, and long enough to reach the back of the throat and cause choking. 

The dolls are being recalled because their arms may be pulled off and possibly ingested by a young child. They include: "Cupid Dolls," with numbers 3004, 3005, 3035, 3036, 3057, 3058 and 3220; "Jill Doll" #3027; "Sandi Doll" #3028; "Paula Doll" #3029; "Charlotte Doll" #3062; "Beth Doll" #3068; "Baby Doll" #3087; and "Strawberry Girl" #3101. Consumers who purchased the recalled rattles or dolls should take them away from children and return them to the place of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price. For, additional information, call Fibre Craft at 1-312-647-1140.

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