June 4, 1986  
Release # 86-037


Washington, D.C. -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Mura, of Shelton, Connecticut I is voluntarily recalling certain models of its cordless telephones. Mura has implemented this program because it has learned that batteries utilized by the manufacturers of the models listed below have, in certain instances, ruptured and shattered the cordless telephone handset.

This recall applies only to the following Mura models: MP-510, MP-600, MP-610, MP-650, MP-710, MP-800 and MP-900. You should check the label on your cordless telephone handset to determine whether you have one of the units listed. Approximately 400,000 units of the models listed were distributed by Mura during the period from 1982 through 1984.

If your handset indicates that it is one of the models listed above, you should immediately discontinue using it and disconnect the power supply. An ad will be appearing in local newspapers containing additional information on how to obtain a free mailer to participate in this recall program. If you do not see such an ad within a few days, please contact Mura at the following address:

Mura Recall Program
P.O. BOX 347
Shelton, Connecticut 06484

This recall will involve free replacement of the batteries located within the cordless telephone handset.

The CPSC is aware of more than 100 incidents out of the 400,000 units distributed, but is not aware of any serious injury or deaths involving the rupture of batteries in Mura cordless telephones.