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CPSC Directives and Delegations of Authority

The Directives System for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC, Commission, or agency), serves as the repository for agency-wide policies and procedures and provides guidance regarding the conduct of agency employees and the distribution and performance of agency business. The system can be accessed by selecting from the list below.


  Directives System Effective Date
0100 Directive on Directives and Delegations of Authority 09/21/2022
0101 Directive on Internal Standard Operating Procedures, (SOPs), Manuals and Forms 09/21/2022


  Delegations of Authority  
D201.1  Delegation of Administrative and Operational Management 09/17/2019
  Authority to the Executive Director  
D201.2 Delegation of Authority to the Human Subjects Committee to Protect Human Subjects Involved in Research 09/19/2019
0310.17 Delegation of Authority to the Executive Director and General Counsel to Update the Federal Policy for the Protection of Human Subjects (Common Rule) 12/13/22
0318.1 Delegation of Authority to Assert Deliberative Process Privilege in Specific Administrative Litigation Matters (Amazon) 10/08/2021
0318.2 Delegation of Authority to Assert Deliberative Process Privilege in Specific Litigation Matter (Leachco) 04/04/2022
0330.6 Delegation of Authority for Power of Appointment and Administration of the Oath of Office 01/23/2023
0340.2 Delegation of Procurement Authority 01/23/2023


  Management Programs  
D302 Internal Procedures for Petitions 09/10/2019
D312.1 Agency Acceptance of Travel Expenses from Non-Federal Sources 09/20/2019
D312.2  Agency Acceptance of Gifts from Non-Federal Sources 09/20/2019
D317 Agency Meetings Policy 09/19/2019
0981.1 Mandatory Manager Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Training 01/23/2023
0981.2 Mandatory Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Counselor Training Directive 01/23/2023
0305.5 Authorization of the Equity Advisory Council 03/21/2023
0601 Preparing Agenda Materials for the Commission 04/04/2023
0620 Ethics Program 03/30/2023
0621 Ethics Pledge 03/30/2023
0622 Potential Ethics Violation 03/30/2023
0623 Financial Disclosure Filing 03/30/2023
0624 Ethics Education Program Directive 03/30/2023


  Information Resources Management  
D402 Collections of Information Under the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) 09/19/2019
D409 Freedom of Information Act Directive 5/9/19
1801 Epidemiologic Data Sharing Under the CPSA 02/02/2023
0775 Sharing Information with Federal, State, Local, and Foreign Government Agencies 01/31/2023
0417 Conducting Electronic Records Searches 04/04/2023


  Human Resources / Personnel Programs  
0980.3 Reasonable Accommodation Policy and Procedures 10/04/2018
0921.1 Orderly Shutdown in the Event of a Lapse in Appropriations 12/09/2022
D715 Office of Human Resources Management: Professional Liability Insurance 6/7/19


D1001 Office of Financial Management, Planning and Evaluation (EXFM) Division of Procurement Services (FMPS) 05/22/2019


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