Company Phone Number: (787) 796-1560 

June 7, 1999


Release # 99-120b

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PRODUCT: Extension Cords - Raport Inc., of Levittown, Puerto Rico, is recalling about 4,800 extension cords sold only in Puerto Rico. These 12-foot extension cords have one plug and nine outlets -- in three groups of three brown plastic outlets. The cords also have a white on- off switch and green wire. The cords are packaged in cardboard sleeves with writing that states, in part, "12 Foot Tree Light Cord," "Put 9 Outlets in Your Tree" and "MADE IN CHINA." The sleeves also show the cords being used on a pine tree. Yazmia 1-2-3 Stores in Puerto Rico sold the cords from August 1998 through March 1999 for about $3.

Extension Cords

PROBLEM: The wires on these cords are undersized and can be overloaded. They pose a fire and shock hazard.


WHAT TO DO: Consumers should stop using these cords immediately and return them to the store where purchased for a refund. Consumers also can call Raport Inc. collect at (787) 796-1560 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EDT Monday through Friday.