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Faulty Aquarium Light Cord Recalled By McCrory Stores

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Recall Date:
July 11, 1989

Recall Details

July 11, 1989  
Release # 89-064

WASHINGTON, D.C.---The McCrory Corp. of York, PA is voluntarily recalling the electric light cord assembly of some 39,000 Aqua Hex Aquariums because the cord could catch fire. This applies only to aquariums purchased prior to March 1, 1989.

According to the company, the light cord assembly of each aquarium is believed to be defective. When the consumer tightens a light bulb in the socket to illuminate the aquarium, the wires may short circuit and ignite the cord. McCrory said that it is aware of three incidents where the cord short circuited or caught fire. No injuries have been reported.

Identified as item number 951418 on the carton, the one- gallon "Aqua Hex Aquarium" carried a suggested retail price of $15. It was sold nationwide between July, 1988 and February, 1989 by Britts, Elmore, McCrory, H.L. Green, Kress, McClellan, TG & Y, Silver, Kittinger, Newberry stores and some independent variety stores.

The Aqua Hex Aquarium has six clear plastic sides and a clear plastic top and bottom. The bottom is labeled "Made in Taiwan". The aquarium stands eight and one-half inches tall and six and one-half inches wide. It has a light cord and bulb, a black plastic light hood, and a beige electric air pump. The air pump bottom has a silver circular label which states: 11110 - 120V 3W Made in Taiwan".

Having identified the recalled product, consumers should unplug and detach the defective light cord from the light hood and return it, minus the light bulb, to the store where purchased for a free replacement. Consumers may also mail the detached light cord to Communications Department, McCrory Stores, 2955 East Market Street, York PA 17402, for a free replacement. Consumers having additional questions about the recall may contact McCrory toll-free at 1-800-284-3704, Ext. 7514.

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