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CPSC And National Presto Industries, Inc. Cite Possible Fry Pan Hazard

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Recall Date:
May 24, 1974

Recall Details



May 24, 1974


Release # 74-036

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 24)--The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and National Presto Industries, Inc. today urged consumers who may have certain Presto or private-label electric fry pans - manufactured prior to September 1973 - to contact the company regarding possible excessive current leakage which could cause electric shock.

In the opinion of Presto and of the Commission, there is no known problem with fry pans manufactured prior to September 1973 which have been used regularly by consumers, as the nature of the possible problem is such that it tends to correct itself with usage. Because of different manufacturing and testing procedures, there is also no known problem with fry pans manufactured since September 1973. Therefore, such consumers needs not be concerned and need not take any action. 

Of the over 4 million electric fry pans manufactured by Presto prior to September 1973, of which a number were marketed by Sears, Roebuck and Co. under its own label, the possible problem exists only in fry pans which have never been used (or have been used for less than a total of two hours) or in those which have not been used for a prolonged period of time since their last use. Consumers having such fry pans are urged to discontinue use of them and to contact National Presto Industries, Inc., Service Department, P.O. Box 83, Eau Claire, Wisconsin 54701, and provide Presto with the serial and model numbers of their fry pans, or, with respect to Sears units, to contact their local Sears store. Where necessary, Presto or Sears will repair or replace the affected pans without costs to consumers. 

Consumers who do not know whether their Presto fry pans are of pre-September 1973 manufacture can determine this by checking the serial number of the bottom of the electrical connection on the pan. The number appears immediately below the word "series." Only the following serial numbers indicate pre-September 1973 manufacture: 

  1. If the last 2 digits are "72" or less, or
  2. If the last 2 digits are "73", then only those numbers smaller than "3673".

The Sears pans can be identified by the model number beginning with the three numbers "620" and with a month/year date code below the word "series" of "0873" (August 1973) or earlier. 

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