February 22, 1974


Release # 74-012

WASHINGTON, D.C.(Feb. 22)--The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission today warned that approximately 200,000 "Wel-Dex" arc welders purchased by consumers over the past four to six years may contain defects capable of causing fatal electric shock.

Consumers should immediately cease use of the product and take extreme care when disconnecting it from an electrical outlet.

The terminals on the welder are exposed, creating a potential hazard of electric shock, and, in addition, poor connection of the line cord to the welder could render the entire outer frame electrically alive.

The welders were manufactured by Wel-Dex Manufacturing Company, a subsidiary of Relco Industries, 2210 West 34th Street, Houston, Texas.

Both the names of the welder and the manufacturer appear on a nameplate on the welder.

The product was advertised through various media including organic gardening and farming magazines. All sales were made by mail order.

The Commission learned about the potential hazard as a result of a consumer complaint from an electrical engineer.

The Commission is investigating alternatives open to it to insure that the product is corrected or removed from the market. Further information will be released to consumers as soon as it is available.