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CPSC's Work with Europe

CPSC's Work with Europe Graphic
Welcome to the Europe Program Page!

CPSC works closely with the European Commission, member states, and other European countries to cooperate on consumer product safety. These efforts include discussions on aligning product safety policies, holding expert consultations on emerging hazards, exchange of technical expertise, and industry training.

One of our most important partnerships with the European Commission is our joint outreach in China. Typically once each year, we conduct industry training for consumer product manufacturers in cooperation with Chinese government product safety authorities. These events are designed to improve compliance with U.S. and European product safety requirements in high risk product categories and to ensure that Chinese exporters take seriously the need to utilize globally recognized best practices.

Safety Gate

DG JUST develops and carries out the European Commission's policies on Consumers. Safety Gate is the EU’s rapid alert system for dangerous products.

New legislative framework – European Commission (DG GROW)

DG GROW is responsible for EU policy on the single market, products with technical regulations, industry, entrepreneurship, and small businesses.