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U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Plain Writing Initiative

Our Promise to the Public: Writing You Can Understand

CPSC is committed to using plain writing in information for the public. Our information is relevant to many groups, and plain writing makes the information even more useful. The Plain Writing Act of 2010 requires all federal agencies to write plainly when they communicate with the public and CPSC is taking many steps to use plain writing.

What CPSC Is Doing to Use Plain Writing

Writing is only one way CPSC communicates with the public. CPSC also makes presentations, holds public hearings and meetings, and produces videos and radio interviews so that our information is available to as many people as possible.

CPSC follows the Federal Plain Language Guidelines to improve our public communication materials. CPSC has already trained many staff in plain language and offers online and live training. We are creating new documents and materials for the public using plain language principles.

Plain Language Principles

Think. Organize. Don’t Be Wordy. These are just a few of the Plain Language Principles that define CPSC’s writing

CPSC’s Examples of Plain Writing for the Public

CPSC programs use plain writing in many types of public documents. Here are some examples:

Plain Language Reports:

Plain Writing 2017 Compliance Report

Plain Writing 2016 Compliance Report

Plain Writing 2015 Compliance Report

Plain Writing 2014 Compliance Report

Provide Us Feedback

You can provide us feedback on our documents and materials and let us know how we are doing using plain language. You can contact us at .

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