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Button Cell and Coin Batteries

Dangers with Button Batteries: 

  • Button cell or coin batteries are associated with thousands emergency department visits every year.
  • The consequences of a child swallowing a battery can be immediate, devastating and deadly. 
  • A button cell battery can burn through a child’s throat or esophagus in as little as two hours if swallowed.

Look for screw closures:

  • Keep remotes, electronics and products with accessible button cell or coin batteries away from children if the battery compartments do not have a screw closure to secure them.
  • If the battery compartment holds button cell or coin batteries and is damaged, replace as soon as possible, repair or dispose of the product; children have been injured by swallowing loose button and coin cell batteries.
  • Toys with button cell or coin batteries are required to have a secure closure requiring a screwdriver, coin or tool to open. Check the toys in your home to make sure battery compartments are secured.
  • Do not allow children to play with or be in contact with button cell or coin batteries.

Immediately secure loose button cell or coin batteries:

  • As soon as a discharged cell is removed from a product, place non-conductive tape (e.g., electrical tape) over the battery’s terminals or around the entire battery and discard at a battery-collection center.

Avoid swallowing button cell or coin batteries:

  • Never put button cell or coin batteries in the mouth for any reason. Button cell and coin batteries are easy to swallow accidentally.
  • Adults have swallowed button batteries mistaken for pills or tablets. Visually confirm that you are swallowing medications before taking them.
  • If a button cell or coin battery is swallowed, immediately seek medical attention.
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