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Contenedores y empaquetado

Nearly nine out of 10 poison incidents involving children occur in the home. In 2019, approximately 67,500 children under the age of five years ended up in emergency rooms due to unintended poisoning. Unintentional poisonings are preventable. From the familiar to the more innocent looking, poison dangers can lurk throughout the home. To reduce the risk of unintentional poisoning, think beyond the medicine and kitchen cabinets.

Carbon Monoxide Information Center: The "Invisible Killer"

Here are tips you can use to safely store the medicines, household cleaners and other chemicals in your home.

First. Always use and re-seal child safety caps.  

Next. Keep household cleaners, medicines and liquid nicotine stored securely away from children. 

Lastly. Keep the National Poison Help Line Number, 800-222-1222, nearby in case of a poison emergency.

CPSC Safety Alerts and Neighborhood Safety Network posters are not available to order. If you would like to use these safety publications, they are free to download and print.

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