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CPSC’s Work in the Western Hemisphere

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Welcome to Western Hemisphere Program Page!
The Summit will be celebrated virtually and will be hosted by Health Canada (HC). It marks the marks the 10th anniversary of the collaboration among Profeco, HC, and the CPSC. The September 22nd and 23rd sessions are open to all stakeholders.

The goal of the CPSC’s work with the Western Hemisphere is to reduce U.S. consumers’ exposure to risks from non-compliant and hazardous products through increased collaboration with government and private sector stakeholders in this region. CPSC has active programs with Canada, Mexico, other countries in our hemisphere and the Organization of American States (OAS).

Resources from Foreign Stakeholders

Health Canada

HC is responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, and for preventing hazards to safety posed by consumer products.

Mexico’s Consumer Protection Agency

Profeco’s mission is to empower consumers by protecting their rights and promoting informed, sustainable, safe, and healthy consumption.

Brazil’s National Institute of Metrology

Inmetro provides support to national companies to increase their productivity and the quality and safety of goods and services.

Organization of American States

The Consumer Safety and Health Network (CSHN) of the OAS works to strengthen national capacities and regional cooperation in consumer product safety.