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Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Reports

CPSC is responsible for ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of the information it collects on members of the public, business partners, and its own employees. These people have a right to expect CPSC will collect, maintain, use and disseminate identifiable personal information only as authorized by law and as necessary to carry out agency responsibilities.

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) are performed on computer systems and applications in order to evaluate any risks these systems may pose to personally identifiable information.

May 11, 2022PIA - Monster Government Solutions Hiring Management Enterprise
October 14, 2021PIA - Child Strength Study
October 14, 2021PIA - Consumer Ombudsman Inquiry Database
October 14, 2021PIA - Data Lake
October 14, 2021PIA - eDelivery
October 14, 2021PIA - GSS Cloud
October 14, 2021PIA - GSS LAN
October 14, 2021PIA - Lighter Submission
October 14, 2021PIA - Neiss Administrative Record System NARS
October 14, 2021PIA - Office 365
October 14, 2021PIA - On Line Clearinghouse Query System
October 14, 2021PIA - USAccess
October 14, 2021PIA - WEB NEISS
October 14, 2021PTA - PIA Telework Tracking System
July 20, 2018PIA - EPQC
July 20, 2018PIA - IFS
July 20, 2018PIA - PC NEISS Com Client
July 20, 2018PIA - PIV Registrar System
July 20, 2018PIA - PC NEISS
July 20, 2018PIA - PC NEISS Com Service
July 20, 2018PIA - NEISSERR
July 20, 2018PIA - NEISS CAP
July 20, 2018PIA - Hospital Trans
July 20, 2018PIA - EPIR
July 20, 2018PIA - CPSC FOIAXpress-PAL-EMNS
July 20, 2018PIA - EPHQ
July 20, 2018PIA - EPID
July 20, 2018PIA - FireEye-ETP-PIA_jR
July 20, 2018PIA - EP Review
July 20, 2018PIA - ATV Death
July 20, 2018PIA - NFIRS
July 20, 2018PIA - LIMS
July 20, 2018PIA - In Home Drowning 
July 20, 2018PIA - IFS State Contractor Inspections PIA form 
July 20, 2018PIA - Furniture Tech Meeting PIA_For Signoff-Rik
July 20, 2018PIA - Etsy
July 20, 2018PIA - Defender (Arcmail) 
July 20, 2018PIA - Concordance PIA E-signed
November 17, 2015Pia for CO Poster Contest Revised FY 2016
October 22, 2015PIA ROV Focus Group_EurekaFacts_ROV Hang Tag
October 22, 2015PIA Workshop on EFiling 1110
October 22, 2015Privacy Impact Assessment for ATV focus groups 11-20-14
May 19, 2014PRISM PIA
February 12, 2014Workshop on Burden Reduction
March 27, 2013Small Business Ombudsman Registration for Three Meetings
October 10, 2012CPSC Safety Academy Conference Attendees
August 29, 2012Visitor Registration
August 22, 2012Respirator Program Medical Reports
August 22, 2012Recall Effectiveness Focus Groups
August 22, 2012Public Meeting On-line Registration
August 22, 2012Public Financial Disclosure Forms SORN OGE/GOVT-1
August 22, 2012Product Safety Summit in China 2009
 Online CPSC Magnet Toy Forum Registration
 Neighborhood Safety Network
 National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS)
 Lighter Submissions
 Learning Management System
 Lab Accreditation
 Key Fob Access Card Control Devices
April 20, 2023International Trade Data System / Risk Assessment Methodology (ITDS/RAM)
 HSPD-12 PIV Smart Card
August 22, 2012Hotline Customer Satisfaction Survey
 Hotline Database
August 22, 2012General Counsel Tracking System SORN CPSC-9
August 22, 2012Freedom of Information Tracking
August 22, 2012FOIAXPress
August 22, 2012Enforcement and Investigation Files SORN CPSC-7
August 22, 2012Employee Outside Activity Notices SORN CPSC-12
August 22, 2012Disability Accommodation Files
August 22, 2012Data Loss Prevention System
August 22, 2012CPSC Stakeholders Meeting Sept. 2008
August 22, 2012CPSC Public Workshop: CPSIA Product Testing
August 22, 2012CPSC Public Meetings
August 22, 2012CPSC Mobile App/Web Service
August 22, 2012Contests, Challenges, and Awards
August 22, 2012Consumer Product Safety Risk Management System 2011
August 22, 2012Consumer Opinion Forum 2009
August 22, 2012Consumer Opinion Forum 2007
August 22, 2012Clearinghouse Tracking
August 22, 2012Claims under Federal Tort Claims Act SORN COSC-3
August 22, 2012Chronic Hazard Advisory Panel (CHAP) Conflict of Interest Questionnaire
August 22, 2012ATV Safety Summit Registration 2012
August 7, 2012ATV Summit Registration
August 11,
March 22, 2007Online Seminar Registration 2007
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