Company Phone Number: (888) 848-6038

November 24, 1997


Release # 98-029

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), MTD Products Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio, is recalling about 34,000 garden tractors. The nut securing each rear wheel assembly to the axle can loosen and fall off, causing a consumer to lose control of the tractor and be injured if the wheel falls off.

MTD Products Inc. has received eight reports of nuts loosening and in seven cases, wheels falling off. Minor injuries, such as bruising, have been reported when consumers lost control of the tractors and fell.

The garden tractors involved in the recall are 1997 models, having 46-inch or 50-inch mowing decks and 12 or 14 speed gear-drive transmissions. The garden tractors can be identified by the 11-digit model number located under the seat. Model numbers beginning with "14A" or "14B" and whose 5th and 6th digits are "82" or "84" are included in this recall. For example, model number 14AW844H401 is included in this recall. These tractors were sold under MTD "Yard Machines" and "Yard-Man" brands as well as several private labels.

Mass merchandise, wholesale, discount department and builder's supply stores nationwide sold the tractors from January 1997 through June 1997 for about $2,000.

Consumers should check the model numbers on their garden tractors and call MTD to verify whether or not their tractor is involved in this recall. If involved, consumers should stop using these tractors immediately. Consumers will be directed to a local MTD Authorized Service Dealer to arrange for the repair at no charge. To verify model numbers involved and obtain the name of the nearest MTD Authorized Service Dealer, consumers should call MTD toll-free at (888) 848-6038 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

Garden tractors that have a green "X" next to the model number already have been repaired and are not involved in this recall.